Seeding Fear – The Story of Michael White vs Monsanto

Seeding Fear released by Neil Young

Yesterday I was on Facebook and stumbled across an article about a new 10 minute documentary film called Seeding Fear – The Story of Michael White vs Monsanto.

With a title like that I had to check it out.

Seeding Fear by Neil Young

Picture Credit – Rolling Stone

Big Impact in Just 10 Minutes

I had a few moments before getting ready for dinner, so I went ahead and pulled up the movie on YouTube.


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Don’t Be Left Out In The ‘DARK’ When It Comes To Your Food

Don't Be Left In The DARK When It Comes To Your Food

The Government Is Taking Away Your Right To Know What’s In Your Food

I don’t stand up on a soap box often here on my blog, but lately, with all that has been going on in our world, I just felt it time that I voiced my thoughts on this one topic.

My writing for The Not So Perfect Housewife has slowly been morphing into a more Health and Wellness focus over the past year or so and I enjoy sharing about living a healthy lifestyle, which incorporates so many different areas from spiritual wellness to eating healthy foods.

The area of healthy foods is what I’m getting my soap box out for today.

I’m frustrated by our government (for this reason and many others) and I’m also frustrated that so many people are just uninformed about this or don’t care.

This is the food you are taking into your body and putting into the bodies of those you love…

Why wouldn’t you want to know what’s in it?

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Rustic Maka – Organic Beauty Products Giveaway

I received a package of sample products from Rustic Maka in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% all mine.

Rustic Maka Beauty Product Review

As I continue on this new journey of health and wellness, I am not only becoming more and more aware of all the harmful chemicals that are in my day to day life, but I am also finding some really awesome companies whose main goal is to make chemical-free products that are not only good for your health, but that work well too.

Rustic Maka – Pure. Simple. Organic.

Rustic Maka is just one of those companies. Their philosophy is that of making pure, simple, and organic products. Staying away from all the harsh chemicals, Rustic Maka formulates each product with made-in-nature, organic, and vegan ingredients. Each product is made in small, carefully controlled batches so they can insure the highest quality for their customers.

I recently had the chance to try out some of their Pachy Deodorants and Skora Bath products and can definitely see and feel the care and attention they take such pride in.

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Menu Monday – Picking From Pinterest

So last week I totally forgot to post my Menu Plan. Not sure exactly what happened there, but I’m thinking my decision to go off coffee for a few days might of had something to do with it.

Menu Plan MondayBut have no fear, I am back on coffee and all ready to share my Menu Plan for this week.

This week I thought it would be fun to try some recipes from Pinterest. I’ll share the links with you so you can check them out for yourself. So here we go..

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Nutritional Studies & Health and Wellness Coaching

Where Do I Start?

Over the past few weeks I have started to look into online Nutritional and Health and Wellness Coaching Classes.

Where Do I Start

The whole realm of holistic, natural remedies, and health and wellness has really become a passion of mine over the past few years. From learning about how GMO’s are effecting our bodies to curing a headache with some peppermint essential oil, I am constantly soaking up more and more information on these topics and loving it.Where Do I Start?


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