Road Tripping ~ Utah Style

Being self employed hasn’t always allowed for yearly vacations for the hubster and I. When we take off, we don’t get paid.

Yet, with a little planning and A LOT of saving, we have been able to go out and have some fun here and there.Also, now that we are basically ‘Empty Nesters’, the hubster and I have gotten a little more adventurous when it comes to planning our trips.

This year we decided to head back to Utah. We had driven through Moab a few years back and fell in love with the scenery. We promised each other we would come back… and we did.

Road Trippin' Day One

Road Trippin’ Day One ~ Las Vegas & The Hoover Dam

We flew into Las Vegas and picked up our rental car. On our way into Vegas, we were able to see the Grand Canyon from the airplane. Wow, what a beautiful site from the air.

We didn’t stay long in Las Vegas, most of our time honestly was spent in Whole Foods! Believe it or not, seeing a Whole Foods in Las Vegas was my favorite thing. LOL! I was able to pick up healthy items and snacks for our trip. Being able to eat organic, healthy food while vacation isn’t always doable, so I was extremely excited to gather some goodies for our trip.

On a carnivore side note – We did make a pit stop at In and Out Burger for the hubster. He quickly reminded me that he never complains about my plant based cooking, so since he was on vacation… he wanted to eat some ‘yuckyness’ as I call it, without me complaining..LOL… I obliged.. because he’s totally worth it.

From Las Vegas we drove out to the Hoover Dam. It’s actually not that far from Las Vegas and definitely worth the drive.

It was EXTREMELY windy that day, but I swallowed my fears of heights ( a few years back I only took a few steps onto the bridge than went back to the car)  and ventured out onto the bridge with my hubby. We laughed as the wind whipped around us and all the other visitors. Shirts and hats were flying. We made it out a little over half way, took some pictures and some silly videos, than headed back to the car… with a little extra help from the wind.


From there we headed to Cedar City, Utah where would be staying two nights.

We got to the hotel and it was pretty late. I feared there wasn’t going to be any options for us when it came to finding something healthy and allergy friendly to eat in this small town, but I was wrong.

Almost by accident we stumbled onto Centro Woodfired Pizzeria. This place has beautiful decor and a fabulous menu. Not only did they have a gluten free crust (that they make homemade) that was to die for, they were also more than willing to forgo the cheese on my pizza and load it up with fresh veggies. The hubster ordered up a meat covered concoction that he was thoroughly pleased with too.

With our tummies full, we headed back to the hotel and got some much needed rest for our adventures on…


Road Trippin’ Day Two ~ Zion National Park

Only an hour south of Cedar City is Zion National Park.

Driving into the park was fun. We chose to park in the small town that butts up against the park and take the very handy shuttle in to avoid an crowds at the visitor center. From there we boarded the parks shuttle that takes you through the loop, stopping at different places where you can get off, enjoy the sites, and hike.

We stopped and got back on a few times and were just in awe of the surroundings. Such a beautiful place.

There are times when we would just stand there in awe of God’s amazing hand in creation. I understand that people have different takes on how these places came to be, but speaking for my husband and myself, when you are standing at the foot of these mountains and cliffs and see the beauty… it’s very hard to think or imagine that they just happened by chance.

Road Trippin Day 2

Our drive out of the park took us out the other side of the park – through a tunnel (that was a little scary to drive through) and out to yet another beautiful spread of amazing scenery.

We passed a Bison preservation farm that was really cool and at one point went from 80 degree weather to over 9000 feet above sea level where we found snow!

The first two days of our trip had been non stop, so we made our way back to the hotel to get more rest for the next day adventures…

to be continued…



By Your Side by Candace Calvert

The first in the Crisis Team series, By Your Side is a non stop, action packed book that will have you hooked from the get go.

Candace Calvert has done it again. Creating a quick page turner that will have your heart racing in no time. You’ll quickly fall in love with Fletcher and Macy and will even find yourself on the edge of your seat at times with a suspenseful story line.

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American Sniper Movie Giveaway

I’m not usually a war movie person, but after reading about Chris Kyle and his family, I knew I wanted to go see American Sniper when it came out. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy movie to sit through, but I wanted to see how the movie portrayed how Chris loved his country and how his faith that kept him grounded.

American Sniper Movie Giveaway

I personally loved the movie, it tugs at your heart strings and it gives you a greater sense of what our soldiers go through to protect our country.Watching Chris with his family and the struggles he had himself adjusting back into civilian life, will help all of us to understand a little better as to what our veterans are dealing with.

That’s why I thought it was REALLY cool that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is donating a portion of the proceeds across physical and digital sales to Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP). One dollar of each purchase will be donated up to $1,000,000 from April 21, 2015 through December 31, 2015,.

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Homemade Sunscreen

Living in the Sunshine States mean you really do spend a lot of time out in the sun.

Soaking up some rays is a must to keep my sanity. There are days where I can sense that my Vitamin D level is low and I just need to get outside.. and when those warm sun rays hit… ahhh… life is good.

I also know though, that too much exposure can cause major issues with your skin, the worst being cancer. So sunscreen is a must. I’ve used all the major store bought brands with the highest and lowest UV ratings, but it wasn’t until recently when I started to realize that rubbing all these chemicals into my body wasn’t such a great idea.

That started me on a mission to find a way to stay protected in the sun, but still be able to enjoy the outdoors.  I wanted to find a way to make my one sunscreen to wear while I’m either at the beach or out working in the garden.

I found two wonderful recipes, one from Wellness Mama and one from Holistic Squid. Both of these ladies have put together not only some great recipes, but also a lot of great information as to why you should try making your own sunscreen.

I looked over each of these, both of which have the same ingredients, and put together my version of some homemade sunscreen.

Homemade Sunscreen

With all my ingredients in hand, I went to work making the sunscreen.

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Everyday Grain-Free Baking

Another gluten free cookbook?

How can this one be different from the others?

That’s what I think a lot of the times I find another new grain free cookbook one the shelves at the book stores. Yet, I’m learning that each one has it’s own unique personality and outlook on gluten free baking.

Everyday Grain-Free Baking
Kelly Smith’s everyday grain-free baking is a collection of over 100 grain free and gluten free recipes that will have you wanting to be in the kitchen all day. Well, maybe not all day, but at least for a few hours to make some things like pancakes, pies, and of course.. cookies.

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