A Natural Alternative for Ibuprofen

* I am in no means a physician or medical professional of any sort, so please know that these are just my own opinions and thoughts. *

As I learn more about natural alternatives and see the results for myself when using them in day to day life, I am truly loving the direction this healthier lifestyle is taking myself and my family.

Natural Alternative to Ibuporfen

One item that I recently started to research about changing out of my daily or semi daily use is Ibuprofen.

I don’t believe that Ibuprofen is horrible, but I personally don’t like using it over a prolonged period of time.

Within the past few years I have started having Restless Leg Syndrome. It usually starts up sometime after dinner and will even wake me up. It’s not painful so to speak, but it can be really uncomfortable. My legs just start to feel … strange.. it’s hard to explain… but it’s just…uncomfortable. I feel like I have to stretch them, get up and walk around, or stand on my tip toes.. yet nothing helps.

Well, almost nothing. Sometimes when I take one or two Ibuprofen, the discomfort will subside, but again, I don’t like taking it.